A few blog posts back I mentioned that I would be making a pair of pajama pants for myself. I’m sure you’ve been anticipating their arrival–and they’re finally here. I went and found some really soft, flannel-ish fabric with a hot-air balloon pattern from Jo-Ann’s Fabric. Adorable. Yes, this store is one of my favorites. The material was 40% off with my coupon. 

I had an old, torn pair of pajama pants that I cut up and used as my “pajama pants pattern”. IT WORKED PERFECTLY! I didn’t spend a penny on the pattern.

Using my old pajama pants as a pattern for making my new ones 🙂



Front and Backs of new pants cut out (and butt area sewn) before piecing them together



(I used 1 1/2 inch wide elastic for the waist band).



Finished product. I love how they feel and how they fit. Super impressed with myself today!!