If you ever have an old, unused pair of jeans lying around and some cheap felt, why not make a cloth children’s book? That’s what I did–and that’s what I’ll be doing. It’s my new thing–so expect to see a bunch more of these creative, fun cloth books for children–my own ideas, my own art/cut-outs etc. It’s a great way to fuse my love for art, writing and sewing/crafting.

I’ve really been getting into the habit of using random supplies (or even junk) that I have on hand to make things for the kids. In fact, I won’t start a project unless I have most of the materials lying around somewhere. I always come up with the idea based on what I have on hand–that’s it. No Pinterest, no internet googling. That’s my challenge. Use what you have and come up with a random idea for it. Try to spend as little money as possible on materials (if any at all). You’ll discover that it’s very satisfying to challenge yourself to be as creative as possible. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Just let your imagination flow. You’ll come up with tons of ideas!

My First Cloth book for my toddler:



Some more pages of the book…by the way, the “hands” of the clock below were cut out from a left-over plastic Dixie plate from Clementine’s birthday party.