USED PERSIAN RUGS I bought in Germany~!

USED PERSIAN RUGS I bought in Germany~!

We are off to New York City and also Bend, Oregon for a couple of weeks (it has been almost a year since I’ve been back in the United-States!) but I will leave you with a quick post and show off some of my new finds.

Getting ready for NEW YORK CITY!

As you know, my baby and I have been going on shopping sprees to our hearts delight.  We recently found several incredible flea market/thrift stores which are full of exotic, interesting and vintage treasures.  I bought two area rugs. These are Persian rugs–I was told that one of them is hand-made.  One of them cost 150 euro and the other one was only 40 euro! Unbelievable! After living in Africa, I’m fairly adept at haggling for a good price.

Check these lovelies out! The red rug looked AWFUL at the thrift store. It was embedded with crud and slime. I had it professionally cleaned and now it looks presentable–a little worn, but still quite striking for the right space. I’m quite proud of my finds.


Also, I found an old in-table at the same store (very cheap) and I spray painted it blue–just for fun. (Yes, my husband and I have awesome taste when it comes to non-fiction books).



Home Decor: Create a space for Your plants!!!

Home Decor: Create a space for Your plants!!!

The other day I realized that our staircase/entry area was quite boring. I decided to make a plant cove in this ever well-lit area. We recently purchased a lovely white buffet table–I thought this would be a nice space for it. I also found some other odds and ends around the house and bought a few plants to weave into the mix. Voila–here are the before and afters for this space.






Thrift store in Germany 043

This is ONLY the beginning as far as the plants go. I hope this area eventually looks like an indoor African jungle. I plan to propagate a bunch more African Violets from this one’s leaves.

Treasures I found at a German Thrift Store

Treasures I found at a German Thrift Store

I’m just now starting to explore our surroundings in Germany. Last year felt like a year from the underworld–constant nausea, ZERO motivation, idea and creativity deprivation, depression and unending fatigue. I never wanted to go out.  This year I’m making a habit of getting out. Kaiserslautern, along with several other nearby cities and villages will be the areas that I try to explore in greater depth. I will be presenting my discoveries on this blog.

German thrift store hunting has become my latest thing. I went to a couple and I definitely recommend Fairkauf at Beethovenstrasse 56 in K-Town. Here are a few of the treasures I found. In fact, I left with a cart full of interesting things–many from Germany, Spain and France for under 20 euros! Some of these items have an almost antique-quality to them. The big brown pottery vase has W. Germany inscribed on the bottom.




….And here they are, at our house. I’m still playing around with displaying them…


I LOVE THIS CUTE BOWL I got for 1 Euro!


Thrift store in Germany 031