My C-Reactive Protein is High!

Recently I found out that I have high C-reactive protein levels. C-Reactive Protein is a measure of systemic body inflammation. High levels of chronic inflammation in the body can cause problems with the heart, joints, brain and can even be a marker of underlying diseases like cancer. My level was 22.6 mg/L. Normal levels of C-reactive protein usually less than 3 mg/L. My new goal is to try and figure out how to lower this high level of chronic systemic inflammation in my body! I’m only 41 so I’m at a very young age to have such a high level of C-reactive protein.

Since I’ve been having inflammation in my right knee for most of 2021 and all of 2022 (so far) I’m guessing my high C-reactive protein was due to rheumatoid arthritis in my knee, specifically. Hopefully no other area of my body is being damaged! Hopefully I’m not experiencing underlying atherosclerosis or some kind of insidious degeneration of my brain or heart.

But to be safe, I’ve initiated radical changes in my lifestyle starting last week Tuesday (January 25, 2021). I have removed sugary treats from my diet. I still eat rice, pasta, potatoes and breads occasionally; but no ice cream, cookies, cakes, pies…you get the idea. I have also started an exercise routine where I exercise vigorously on the Peloton at least 20 minutes a day.

Today is Sunday January 30, 2022 and I started my first fast. I last ate yesterday around 7pm, so I won’t consume any food until around 1 or 2pm on Monday.

My first day of Intermittent (18 hour) fasting has taught me a lot about myself. It’s dawning on me that I’m an impulsive and thoughtless eater. I’m constantly putting blueberries, apples or random food fragments from the counter into my mouth. I brainlessly place them into my mouth and then I realize, whoops, I’m fasting! Then I spit them out and start again. Thankfully I’ve never swallowed anything yet so as not to waste my effort fasting!

There are so many things I do that are impulsive and mindless so fasting has been a very enlightening experience. Now, if I could just start a cleaning/picking up messes fast where I only allowed myself to tidy the house for a 6 hour window of the day. Imagine how much more I could get done during the other 18 hours?!?!?!?

I will be back very soon to blog about my progress fasting, exercising more and eating less sugar and any changes I’ve witnessed in my knee inflammation.