Waking Up at 5am–New Habits!!!

Robin Sharma has a book out called “The 5am club”. Though I’ve never read the book, I’ve followed him for many years on Youtube and enjoy listening to all of his golden bites of wisdom.

This January and February I have made a commitment to waking up at 5am. I typically wake up at 6am–but with a struggle. I wanted to jump on the bandwagon and start doing “hard, uncomfortable” things. Waking up at 5am seemed like a significant challenge but I wanted to see if I could FINALLY DO IT. I had been thinking about it and talking about it for years. I had been rehearsing the steps in my mind…even contemplating all the possibilities…all the free time…the chance to get WAY ahead of the day. I thought of how much I could get done and how liberating it would feel to get the house cleaned up and ready to go, to initiate some exercise, maybe even do some painting! But, despite all of this, I HAD NEVER TRIED DOING IT FOR MORE THAN A COUPLE DAYS.

I’ve been setting my alarm for 5am every night before bed. And, believe it or not, I have found myself getting into the habit of actually waking up at 5am. It’s been a very rewarding experience just to witness myself do this! I makes me feel incredible to know that I have been rising to the occasion and fulfilling this challenge I have set out for.

When I wake up early my days improve by 100%. I get a ton accomplished! Perhaps the biggest perk of waking up early has been my sleep! My sleep has improved PHENOMENALLY! I actually sleep at night and don’t find myself waking up for 45 minutes hoping to “Fall back asleep”. I also fall asleep soon after I lay down–which means I’m not wasting more time tossing and turning. In other words, my sleeping period if much more efficient and compressed. I get WAY more out of sleeping when I fall asleep quickly and sleep more deeply. I also feel much more recharged each day.

In a way, by waking up so early it’s like I’ve compressed my sleep period for deeper, more refreshing, undisturbed sleep period each night.

I plan to keep on waking up at 5am but also get into the morning habit of exercising too.

If you have any trouble sleeping at night like I have had for the past 7 years, I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend CONSISTENTLY waking up at 5am. This trick works like MAGIC! You will have no trouble falling asleep at night (I usually go to bed right around 10pm) and if you do wake up at night, it will be MUCH BRIEFER than what you’ve experienced in the past.