Biology LAB GIRL OUTFIT I MADE for less than $3.00!

The past couple of days I’ve been busy with what I’d like to call my “Biology Lab Girl Outfit”. I wanted to make my toddler a little shirt and pant set with a cute biology/science theme.

I was in Jo-Ann’s (Jo-Ann Fabric) the other week and couldn’t resist purchasing 1 yard of this fabric:


Beakers, flasks, vials, droppers, microscopes, DNA…even what appears to be the atomic planetary model. SCIENCE FUN FOR YOUR LITTLE ONE.

With my coupon, I was able to get 1 yard for less than $3.00 :).  It would be just enough to make a top for my 2 year old.

What about the pants? At home, I happened to have a bunch of bedsheet scraps from one of my last projects. I thought, why not cut up these scraps and sew them together–quilting style–so that I have one solid sheet of fabric to make kid pants?




I started to sew the random scraps of bedsheet fabric (pictured above) and here’s what I got: a solid piece of (imperfectly made) “fabric” that I can now use for kid pants:



Now. Starting on the top…. I downloaded this pattern from Made Everyday a few months ago and have been using it ever since.



What about the top collar? I happened to have just a tiny bit of yellow knit ribbing in my “fabric scrap bag” . This was all I had, so I had to cut it up and piece it together to make a shirt collar.



Now, working on the pants from the “quilted fabric” I had on hand to make the pants for this outfit. Yes, I used an old pair of girls pajama pants as my pattern which I had purchased on-sale at a thrift store. I just cut it up and have been using it as my pattern for all my kid’s pants. I used 1 inch wide elastic for the waist.



And here they are (different sides, different angles etc). They are a bit long for my toddler so we roll them up for now. The waist fits perfectly! Lovin the results!


And here is the top. Finished product 🙂 (I’m actually still working on a button on the back of the top) but here it is for now:


Based on her expression here, I think she’s in love with the top. (Notice the ribbed yellow collar I made from those yellow scraps pictured above.)



And here she is, rolling around with the outfit (both top and pants).


Outfit I made for less than $3.00. Bonus: I got more experience sewing!!!!