I made a little Girl’s Pajama Top from my own torn up pajama top!

Here’s the deal: I’ve been holding onto my tattered pajamas for several years now. I thought, why not make a little pajama top for my toddler?

My challenge this week has been T-shirts and sleeves. A toddler pajama top would be a good start. Sleeves are terrible things to sew– at least for me– and after 5 tries (yes, 5…that’s 5 ruined, unsalvageable pajama tops) I finally made something that ever-so-slightly resembles a “shirt” and the finished product is at the bottom of this blog. (I used old bed sheets to practice– wouldn’t want to waste my adorable strawberry pajama fabric, albeit old).

I have a LONG way to go in terms of improvement– especially for tricky things like sleeves.

I really learned a lot this time like how to position a pattern on fabric, how to sew sleeves etc. It was my first time using a pattern– (I found a free toddler T-shirt pattern on the internet and printed it out). I usually just look at clothes or use old clothes as my “patterns”.

My old pajama top:

Attaching the pattern to the fabric:

The “toddler sized” cut outs:

Ugh. Getting. The sleeves ready to be sewn. Very easy to mess up on this part.

Finished product:

(Front is slightly shorter than the back). Also, I used random pieces from the old pajama shirt to get the most out of the fabric (didn’t have much extra) so it looks weirdly pieced together but I like it– and I managed to do it with what I had on hand– so 100% free!

I think I got the basic idea. Now to refine my skills and off to bed for my sleep deprived self. 🙂

By the way, you can get the free toddler T-Shirt pattern on the blog “Made Everyday.”


What I want this Blog to Be…

Okay. Here goes.

For the 3 of you who regularly visit my blog I’m going to try and make this blog into a craft, travel, write-my-own thoughts out, children and stay-at-home Mom blog. It’s going to kind of be a rip off of the blog “Made Everyday”– I LOVE Dana– huge fan!!! (But I still think its kind of a rip off of Martha Stewart).

I only have time to write these words because I’m at an eye doctor appointment and my husband is watching the children. I have a few spare minutes to write these words as I wait for my eyes to dilate and then the Opthalmologist will come in to examine my eyes.

My first attempt at kid pants! (Elastic waist)

My latest creation is “elastic waist pants”. Yes, my first attempt. I bought an old pair of elastic waisted kid pants at a thrift store. I then cut them up and dissected them to use as my “template” or “pattern”. I do not read patterns. They confuse me and I never know how to interpret them. The best way is just to look at an existing pair of pants or clothing. So much easier!