We went on a full day trip to the Netherlands. Wow, can I just say that you need to spend more than one day in this place? There is so much to see here! We went on a tour bus—which was convenient for us our time frame on that particular weekend. Plus, having someone else drive you there opens up lots of opportunities—you can sleep on the way there and back and you can enjoy some drinks on your tour. Our bus left at midnight on Friday and returned at midnight on Saturday.

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Some of the highlights of our trip included:

  • Seeing a traditional wooden shoe factory and cheese factory in the Dutch countryside.
  • Visiting the city of Amsterdam and taking a boat ride through the labyrinth of river canals and even catching a glance of Anne Frank’s house.
  • Going to The Van Gogh art Museum in Amsterdam—THIS IS A MUST SEE!
  • Visiting a densely packed bar and chatting it up with the locals.
  •  Perusing through the notorious “Red Light (SEX) District” and seeing sultry prostitutes standing in the windows, waiting to get purchased by excited young males coming from all corners of Europe.
  • Checking out all the “Coffee Shops” from a distance.
  • Wandering all over Amsterdam and seeing bicycles galore—also, seeing all the tall, slender houses with the characteristic “hook” on each roof that is used to pull furniture to the upper floors.

Amsterdam was a super fun place to take an adventure; I just recommend a couple of days as this city has so much to offer. The Netherlands is a beautiful country. Next to Ireland, the countryside in the Netherlands is quite possibly one of the greenest places I have ever seen!


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