France Trip,WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!!February 2017

We are in Strasbourg, France for our 3rd Wedding anniversary.We are enjoying two nights here. I highly recommend not being pregnant while you travel in Europe. 

I still like American food more than Any kind of European cuisine. Portions here are scanty and “sweets” like chocolate crepes are not sweet. Lunch was too expensive.  The architecture and scenery more than makes up all the food and customer service disappointments. The people are lovely in France and customer service is MUCH better than most other countries (in our experience).

We found an INCREDIBLE Patisserie and I bought a piggy cake and a mouse cake for our dessert. Pictures are below.

The Cathedral Notre Dame De Strasbourg was the highlight of our journey. It was the tallest structure on the planet until around 1874. It’s Gothic Beauty is sure to rapture you and make you think of Europe as the architectural treasure house of the world. It’s construction began in 1015 and was completed in 1439. Our forefathers gave something lasting and valuable to future generations instead of doing the opposite–loading us with immense debt that we would be forced to pay. 


One thought on “France Trip,WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!!February 2017

  1. The tree is impressive. The Cakes are cute (how sweet were they?). Your daughter seems to be enjoying herself. The picture of the Cathedral is great. Show the immense scale of the structure.

    Happy anniversary to the both of you!!!!


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