This June our family went to a weekend wine festival in Cochem, Germany. What a splendid time we had! It was so refreshing to taste chilled German (not Californian–i.e. “not sweet”) Rieslings and wander around this adorable village. The weather was perfect! Lots of German tourists were there, sucking up every drop of the sunny weather and mingling in the town square where the wine festival along with the music and many food carts were found. I indulged in crepes slathered in Nutella with a glass of wine in my hands. I felt like an epicurean.

We booked a tour of the castle on the hill. We also walked all over this cute village and took part in a Riesling wine taste at a local wine cellar. We truly enjoyed our little hotel with all its quintessential German flavor and motifs.  We enjoyed mouth-watering schnitzel, great wine and beer and, most importantly, had a relaxing time in this quaint village positioned right on the Mosel river.

If you are visiting Germany, make Cochem one of your travel destinations. It is a beautiful little village with just enough to do and see–especially if you go during a wine festival. Bonus, it isn’t overwhelming with tourists!



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