I’m just now starting to explore our surroundings in Germany. Last year felt like a year from the underworld–constant nausea, ZERO motivation, idea and creativity deprivation, depression and unending fatigue. I never wanted to go out.  This year I’m making a habit of getting out. Kaiserslautern, along with several other nearby cities and villages will be the areas that I try to explore in greater depth. I will be presenting my discoveries on this blog.

German thrift store hunting has become my latest thing. I went to a couple and I definitely recommend Fairkauf at Beethovenstrasse 56 in K-Town. Here are a few of the treasures I found. In fact, I left with a cart full of interesting things–many from Germany, Spain and France for under 20 euros! Some of these items have an almost antique-quality to them. The big brown pottery vase has W. Germany inscribed on the bottom.




….And here they are, at our house. I’m still playing around with displaying them…


I LOVE THIS CUTE BOWL I got for 1 Euro!


Thrift store in Germany 031






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