We went to New York City in May of 2015. The weather was PERFECT! We had an amazing time. While there, my Mother in-law hosted a baby shower for us. It was wonderful because we got to see my husband’s parents and grandparents, his brother and sister and his Great Uncle and cousins. My parents even flew in from Oregon to attend the event.



Highlights of our trip:

  • Baby shower at my In-laws and spending lots of time with them 🙂

    New York May 2015 Trip 136
    My husband’s Grandparents 🙂  We also celebrated their wedding anniversary!
  • Going to the very top of the Rockefeller building in Manhattan
  • Going to the Natural History Museum with my Creationist parents
  • Walking through Central Park
  • Chinese Food in Staten Island
  • Pizza in Brooklyn 
  • Walking across Brooklyn Bridge
  • Visit to the Hayden Planetarium 
  • Tour bus through the city
  • Hot dog Stands in downtown Manhattan
  • Visiting an Irish Pub
  • Timesquare



New York May 2015 Trip 114
Pizza Place in Brooklyn
Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center) 16 weeks pregnant


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