I’m Writing Again Folks

Well here goes…I’m writing again in this blog. I vow to be consistent this time. I’m like everyone else–a perfectionist. People always use the term “perfectionist” like they’re some kind of nearly extinct animal. They’re not. Everyone is a perfectionist in some area and a slacker in another.

I’m someone who doesn’t want to write “unless I’ve put forth my best work and effort” and so, I go from day to day, and month to month without bothering to scribble down a few lame, desultory thoughts for you to writhe and cringe about. And…when I really try, I’m sure your feelings are not much different. You probably can’t tell the difference either way. All of this blogging and vlogging that we all do is for ourselves and our own sanity.

I’ve got my crying baby boy in my lap. I’ve decided that I want to work on my self help book (a book I’m writing for myself but that I hope to sell in the future).  I’ve got over 19,000 words in this book so far!