I Made SOCKS from Worn Out LEGGINGS!

I Made SOCKS from Worn Out LEGGINGS!

https://asliceofmytravels.wordpress.com/2018/03/15/i-made-socks-from-worn-out-leggings/I’ve always been a minimalist when it comes to socks. I’ve never owned more than 7 pairs of socks at any given time– and this includes that comfy pair you pull out during winter months and also that funky pair with bright pictures on it.

My Sock Drawer (I think 2 pairs of my socks are in the laundry):

Currently, all of my socks have holes in them (for the past couple years) so It dawned on me that I should get some new ones. But who wants to buy socks? And for the going price of nearly $12 a pair, I don’t think so!

What I decided to do was take some stretch pants that are full of pillings, fuzz and damage and turn them into socks. I thought, once turned inside out, they would be perfect material for a snug pair of socks.

You know when your stretchy leggings start to look awful?? Sure, you bought them at Ross 4 years ago for $6.99– but they’re ready to be recycled now.

Well, let’s turn them into socks, sounds Good? Use an old pair of your socks like this as a “template”. Next, cut around the sock and sew!

Here they are on my feet. Socks from old worn out leggings– they FEEL GREAT!

I’m sure with this pair of leggings I can probably get 3-4 pairs of socks! Also, make sure and save the waist elastic from the leggings to use on another sewing project!

I plan to make a bunch of socks over the next few months so please stay tuned!

PS: This is my first blog post I did 100% on my phone while simultaneously breastfeeding my baby. A bit tough, so excuse the cursory job. Now to change a diaper.


Biology LAB GIRL OUTFIT I MADE for less than $3.00!

The past couple of days I’ve been busy with what I’d like to call my “Biology Lab Girl Outfit”. I wanted to make my toddler a little shirt and pant set with a cute biology/science theme.

I was in Jo-Ann’s (Jo-Ann Fabric) the other week and couldn’t resist purchasing 1 yard of this fabric:


Beakers, flasks, vials, droppers, microscopes, DNA…even what appears to be the atomic planetary model. SCIENCE FUN FOR YOUR LITTLE ONE.

With my coupon, I was able to get 1 yard for less than $3.00 :).  It would be just enough to make a top for my 2 year old.

What about the pants? At home, I happened to have a bunch of bedsheet scraps from one of my last projects. I thought, why not cut up these scraps and sew them together–quilting style–so that I have one solid sheet of fabric to make kid pants?




I started to sew the random scraps of bedsheet fabric (pictured above) and here’s what I got: a solid piece of (imperfectly made) “fabric” that I can now use for kid pants:



Now. Starting on the top…. I downloaded this pattern from Made Everyday a few months ago and have been using it ever since.



What about the top collar? I happened to have just a tiny bit of yellow knit ribbing in my “fabric scrap bag” . This was all I had, so I had to cut it up and piece it together to make a shirt collar.



Now, working on the pants from the “quilted fabric” I had on hand to make the pants for this outfit. Yes, I used an old pair of girls pajama pants as my pattern which I had purchased on-sale at a thrift store. I just cut it up and have been using it as my pattern for all my kid’s pants. I used 1 inch wide elastic for the waist.



And here they are (different sides, different angles etc). They are a bit long for my toddler so we roll them up for now. The waist fits perfectly! Lovin the results!


And here is the top. Finished product 🙂 (I’m actually still working on a button on the back of the top) but here it is for now:


Based on her expression here, I think she’s in love with the top. (Notice the ribbed yellow collar I made from those yellow scraps pictured above.)



And here she is, rolling around with the outfit (both top and pants).


Outfit I made for less than $3.00. Bonus: I got more experience sewing!!!!




A few blog posts back I mentioned that I would be making a pair of pajama pants for myself. I’m sure you’ve been anticipating their arrival–and they’re finally here. I went and found some really soft, flannel-ish fabric with a hot-air balloon pattern from Jo-Ann’s Fabric. Adorable. Yes, this store is one of my favorites. The material was 40% off with my coupon. 

I had an old, torn pair of pajama pants that I cut up and used as my “pajama pants pattern”. IT WORKED PERFECTLY! I didn’t spend a penny on the pattern.

Using my old pajama pants as a pattern for making my new ones 🙂



Front and Backs of new pants cut out (and butt area sewn) before piecing them together



(I used 1 1/2 inch wide elastic for the waist band).



Finished product. I love how they feel and how they fit. Super impressed with myself today!!

Toddler Book I made from Old Jeans

Toddler Book I made from Old Jeans

If you ever have an old, unused pair of jeans lying around and some cheap felt, why not make a cloth children’s book? That’s what I did–and that’s what I’ll be doing. It’s my new thing–so expect to see a bunch more of these creative, fun cloth books for children–my own ideas, my own art/cut-outs etc. It’s a great way to fuse my love for art, writing and sewing/crafting.

I’ve really been getting into the habit of using random supplies (or even junk) that I have on hand to make things for the kids. In fact, I won’t start a project unless I have most of the materials lying around somewhere. I always come up with the idea based on what I have on hand–that’s it. No Pinterest, no internet googling. That’s my challenge. Use what you have and come up with a random idea for it. Try to spend as little money as possible on materials (if any at all). You’ll discover that it’s very satisfying to challenge yourself to be as creative as possible. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Just let your imagination flow. You’ll come up with tons of ideas!

My First Cloth book for my toddler:



Some more pages of the book…by the way, the “hands” of the clock below were cut out from a left-over plastic Dixie plate from Clementine’s birthday party. 



I made a little Girl’s Pajama Top from my own torn up pajama top!

Here’s the deal: I’ve been holding onto my tattered pajamas for several years now. I thought, why not make a little pajama top for my toddler?

My challenge this week has been T-shirts and sleeves. A toddler pajama top would be a good start. Sleeves are terrible things to sew– at least for me– and after 5 tries (yes, 5…that’s 5 ruined, unsalvageable pajama tops) I finally made something that ever-so-slightly resembles a “shirt” and the finished product is at the bottom of this blog. (I used old bed sheets to practice– wouldn’t want to waste my adorable strawberry pajama fabric, albeit old).

I have a LONG way to go in terms of improvement– especially for tricky things like sleeves.

I really learned a lot this time like how to position a pattern on fabric, how to sew sleeves etc. It was my first time using a pattern– (I found a free toddler T-shirt pattern on the internet and printed it out). I usually just look at clothes or use old clothes as my “patterns”.

My old pajama top:

Attaching the pattern to the fabric:

The “toddler sized” cut outs:

Ugh. Getting. The sleeves ready to be sewn. Very easy to mess up on this part.

Finished product:

(Front is slightly shorter than the back). Also, I used random pieces from the old pajama shirt to get the most out of the fabric (didn’t have much extra) so it looks weirdly pieced together but I like it– and I managed to do it with what I had on hand– so 100% free!

I think I got the basic idea. Now to refine my skills and off to bed for my sleep deprived self. 🙂

By the way, you can get the free toddler T-Shirt pattern on the blog “Made Everyday.”

What I want this Blog to Be…

Okay. Here goes.

For the 3 of you who regularly visit my blog I’m going to try and make this blog into a craft, travel, write-my-own thoughts out, children and stay-at-home Mom blog. It’s going to kind of be a rip off of the blog “Made Everyday”– I LOVE Dana– huge fan!!! (But I still think its kind of a rip off of Martha Stewart).

I only have time to write these words because I’m at an eye doctor appointment and my husband is watching the children. I have a few spare minutes to write these words as I wait for my eyes to dilate and then the Opthalmologist will come in to examine my eyes.