I said I would blog once a week so here I am again. Today’s post is a quickie “sleeve tutorial” with mainly pictures and few words. I’m using the “setting the sleeves in the round” method. This is just a refresher course for me when I need to sew sleeves again.

  1. Your sleeve will look kind of like this when you cut one of them out and sew an additional sleeve/lining onto it with right sides together. You’ll get an instant hem that you won’t have to sew later!


Next, fold the sleeve in half like this:



Pin your sleeve where you folded it in half. You will sew roughly along where you have placed the pin.


Sew it with your sewing machine like so:


Once sewn, it will look like this:


You get the picture. Sew your other sleeve. They will look kinda like this when finished:


For some reason, this was the part where I always got all mixed up (spatially).

You will take the bodice part of your shirt/dress and turn it inside out. Next, take the RIGHT SIDE of one of your sleeves and slide them in the armhole, like this:


You will put it in all the way and then pin it to bodice like this: (yes, I know you’re supposed to “align the notches” but I didn’t have notches here, so doing my best without them):

It should look like this when you’ve finished pinning the sleeve to the bodice:


Then you’ll sew it like this with your sewing machine:


Here is another pic of sewing the sleeve to the bodice. You’ll sew all the way around:


You will turn your dress right side out and here is what the sleeve will look like.


All done.